Altaneve Wines Are Vintage & Vintage is Important

What are “Vintage” Wines?

Passionate winemakers greatly appreciate vintage wines, and we are no different. Since our U.S. launch in 2013, all of our wines have been vintage-only so that our customers can appreciate the delicate differences between one harvest and another.

Each year’s harvest brings a nuance in flavor that differentiates one vintage of wine from another, and these are very important so that we can learn and appreciate the beauty of each year’s weather and wine making.

Vintages are important, and for Prosecco and most sparkling wines made using the Martinotti Method, the fresher the wine, the more vibrant are its notes and crispness. For this reason, customers should know the bottling year as well as the vintage, so they can assure the freshness of the wine, because it is the bottling date that determines the freshness, not the vintage.

Altaneve Labels, However, Are Not Vintage

Vintage wines require new label printing and new U.S. label registration each year, and Altaneve wines are too limited in production to allow for this expense. Altaneve wines have their vintage and their bottling year stamped on their foils (a.k.a. capsules), and in this way, we can print several years of labels at once to keep costs down and register our wines only once for each type of our wines.